Fun with Adam

Budapest is a great touristy city that’s heaving with touristy attractions, great gastronomy and can offer breathtaking backdrops. Last weekend I met up with Adam Bognar, a Budapest based photographer, who enjoys lifestyle and wedding photography, and portraits. Apart from the fact that he is really interesting chap to talk to, he is also very quick and fun to work with.

So if you like Adam’s work you can follow him on instagram @bognaradambalazs, or @golfshoots. And if you are visiting Budapest, want to capture memorable moments, or just refresh your polaroids, definitely get in touch with Adam on his cell +36 20 238 2914


Lifestyle work


Adam also offered to snap a few polaroids


But Adam’s forte is capturing breathtaking backdrops


Natural Light by Emma Burne

People move countries, change professions, reinvent themselves, live their life and tell your their stories afterwards. No matter where you are in this hectic world today, it’s always great to catch up with the long lost ones.

Emma Burne, Buckinghamshire based commercial photographer

Both Emma and I were rocking the Dubai modelling scene only several years ago. Emma’s gradual transition from fashion model to full time mum, photographer and graphic designer allows her to stay in creative industry, while following her passion and have time for her lovely daughter.

Emma might be only starting in the photography industry, however she’s milked all the years in front of the camera to gain a great advantage of knowing how it feels to be on the other side, which gives her the edge. Emma communicates well with a model, instantly made me feel comfortable. Light and angles comes to her effortlessly. Emma mostly shot with natural light.

For our rendezvous we have chosen a stunning Huf Haus in Berkshire, UK, which provided us with a plenty of location options and backdrops.

Styling by Emma and Marek

Marek wears Paul Smith, Zadig&Voltaire, Tag Heuer, Trussardi, Dolce&Gabbana, Calvin Klein



Working with Swedish born Emma was as smooth as sipping on a Scandinavian vodka. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get professional lifestyle photos taken, renew portfolio, or capture a moment. Nowadays Emma is based in Buckinghamshire, UK, and available for bookings at To check her portfolio please click on



Polas Jan 2016

Hello and welcome to 2016. New year, fresh polaroids. For next few months I will be based in Prague, Czech Republic. I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful city. So if you have any interesting project or commercial work you can contact me on +420773005401.